Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Excuse You!

People are rude. Let's just put it bluntly. The last time I checked it was not socially acceptable to walk up to an overweight person and proclaim, "Wow! You're huge!" So why does the fact that I have a tiny human inside my abdomen somehow give people the green light to make comments on how big I am? Somehow because I'm not actually fat gives perfect strangers permission to comment on my size?

I cannot tell you how many times per day I see customers at work, people I have never met before and don't know from Adam, who feel the need to comment on my swelling belly.

"When are you due?"

"May 20th"

"Oh wow! Are you sure you'll make it that long?" or "Are you having twins!?" or "That's going to be a BIG baby!"

Take your pick of responses, and I can promise you there are loads more. I swear to you I am not that big. I am 33 weeks pregnant, in the last trimester of pregnancy, and roughly 7 weeks away from delivering. That's 7 Saturdays from now if you really need a visual of how little time that is. I am technically 8 MONTHS PREGNANT, so yes, my belly is supposed to be quite round.

And it's not just strangers that feel the need to comment. Although the fact that they are strangers makes them stand out a bit more. My co-workers drive me crazy with their constant daily comments about the size of my belly. It's really not necessary to make a comment every single time I see you. If I just saw you yesterday I can almost guarantee you the belly did not get bigger, at least not in any way that you'd be able to detect with the naked eye. Yet I find I'm greeted with "Whoa you're huge!" or "Hey fatty" nearly every day.

Honestly, I know I'm round, I look in the mirror every day. But I'm also doing the most amazing thing ever imaginable, I'm growing a tiny perfect little human IN MY ABDOMEN. And if you really must know I'm measuring right on track with how far along I am, so as of right now I will not be having some Guinness record breaking baby.

Here I am the day before I delivered (or the day of delivery?) with Braedan. He was a whole 7 lbs 6.5 oz:

Now here I am at 32 weeks pregnant with #2:

I think I need to do some collaging of the two side by side, but I'm really not that big. I've got a ways to go so save your comments for 6 weeks from now.

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