Thursday, November 15, 2012

13 Weeks

Yay! 13 weeks! This is the last official week of the first trimester.

Today we went to a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist for our first trimester screening. This is a test for chromosomal disorders. I don't have any reason to be worried but I like to have the test done because I feel if there were to be something wrong I'd want to prepare myself as best I can.

So we got an ultrasound for about an hour (holy moly!) we got to see the baby in every which way, and almost every part possible. We saw the brain, the heart, veins, kidneys, spine, fingers, toes, etc. The only thing we did not see was the gender. We will all have to wait to find out until around Christmas!

Towards the end of the scan they measured the length of the baby which tells us how far along I am. The doctor came in to tell us that I am farther along than we thought and unfortunately I am too far along to do the test. However, we shouldn't be concerned because the baby looks beautiful and there are no indicators that anything is out of the ordinary.

Although I'm farther along than previously estimated they are not changing my due date, at least not right now. So May 20, 2013 is still our date. The baby looked great and healthy and was wiggling like crazy. He or she even got the hiccups towards the end.

Here's our beautiful baby. We think he or she might be sucking their thumb!

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