Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't worry....

I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog and text/calls are going to be my only way of technological communication for a while. I decided tonight that I need to take a serious break from social media.

The hype and hysteria surrounding the Connecticut shooting and the "end of the world" are just too much right now. I cannot stand to read one more idiotic comment about gun control, or threats, or school lockdowns, or pulling your children out of public school. The fact is that there are evil people in this world, and if they want to take others out with them they will find a way to do so. Nothing is going to stop them, not gun control, not gun bans, nothing. It won't matter if our kids are at school, at the grocery store with us, or having a fun day at the zoo. So unless you want to live your life in fear and lock your children away forever then the best you can do is to live every day to the fullest and have no regrets in life.

I, for one, don't practice living my life in fear and refuse to change that. The state of our country today really makes me sad. We are so divided, paranoid, and antsy. Maybe I was just too young to get the full effect but it seems worse now than it did after September 11, 2001. Perhaps now that I'm an adult I'm seeing the full tilt of paranoia. I've got to say, I don't like it. People are panicking and the media is doing nothing to help that. It feels like everything is slowly slipping into utter chaos, all because of people overreacting.

So, for my own health and sanity I've chosen to step away from the social media and reduce my interaction with all of it. I want to be able to enjoy the holidays with my family without the added stress of the insanity of the world. I know it'll still be there whether I pay attention or not but the less I'm reading about it 24/7 the more I feel I can enjoy my life right now.

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