Saturday, December 15, 2012

Road Trip!

So yesterday we took a little road trip over the mountains to visit Denver. Since it's a decent trip and we don't go often it's sort of a big deal.

The purpose for the trip was mainly for the memorial service for my friend Brittany who passed away two weeks ago. It was a beautiful, beautiful service and I can only imagine that Brittany was smiling down on us all. It really helped to see her family, give them hugs, and cry with them. We will all miss her but we know that right now she's busy in heaven helping some other innocent souls that were taken from this world by evil people.

After lunch we dropped Braedan and my sister off at this place called Monkey Bizness. It's a little warehouse full of climbing obstacles and inflatable jumpy castles and playthings. My sister wasn't comfortable going to a funeral for someone she didn't know and we really weren't sure about making a 4 year old sit quiet and still for a funeral. So off they went to play while we went to the service.

Afterward we did a little shopping. Maybe it's Christmas, and maybe it's because in Denver we have access to stores we don't have near us, but there was something a little magical about shopping. I had wanted to stop by a Babies R Us and look around since we don't have any baby stores here and the selection of baby stuff in stores here is slim. Unfortunately we got caught up in everything else and didn't make it. So that just means we'll be making a return trip this spring before the baby comes.

The nice thing about coming back in spring is that we likely won't have to fight the snow. We had a beautiful drive to Denver, but coming back got a little sketchy. The snow moved in right as we hit the top of the Rockies and stayed with us all the way home. Snow is beautiful when you can sit in your living room drinking hot cocoa and watch is drift toward the ground, but not when you're driving through the mountains next to boulders and cliffs. No thank you! We made it home safely though and are looking forward to our next little road trip.

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